HAPI Management Consultancy Services Inc. ( HMCS ) can provide two ways of Immigration, within the Philippines, for expatriate and for Filipino to go abroad if it is not under the recruitment and work permit deployment

Immigration and Visa Applications-extensions

As a Philippine - Manila based Corporation, we at HAPI Management Consultancy Services Inc. can offer our clients advice and assistance with their visa applications, both for here to stay in the Philippines. Through our registered partners who are accredited to the Department of Immigration, we can process all visa applications.

This could be for resettlement, retirement or relocating for a new profession.

We can offer various packages to suit your needs and vocation.

• Retirement visa
• Investment visa
• Quota visa
• Marriage visa
• Work visa / permits
• Visa extensions

Other countries
• Migration visa
• Visitor's and Tourist visa
• Student's visa
• Marriage visa