Online English Lessons

Speaking the English language is both essential and helpful in assisting you in your career or business life. Indeed in today’s global economy English is considered the second language for most countries.

If you are considering taking up the English Language, whether for practical reasons or even just for social interaction then here at H.M.C.S. Inc. . . . (Hapi Management Consultancy Services) we offer courses to suit you.

We offer classes to students of all nationalities either online or offline tailor made to suit you, your time and budget. One on one classes can be provided for students who wish to have a more comprehensive course, giving more personal attention to their skills and progress. Or you can simply join one of our classes and interact with other students.

We have excellent facilities and provide all required materials to students wishing to learn and improve their English speaking abilities. We are accredited to the British Council for those wanting to take their I.E.L.T.S. exam where the categories of speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar are necessary.

Each student is given the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a friendly environment, making the learning experience more fun because here at H.M.C.S. we believe that learning or improving a language should be fun and in that respect make the task of learning a lot easier. Please note that special classes can be arranged to suit pupils with restricted schedules. Please enquire for details. So if you are serious and want to study the English language do not hesitate to email or call us today and avail our promo rates.

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