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Desktop Management

Desktop Management

This particular solution will mainly focus to personal computers, laptops, workstations, printers and other hardware parts inside a desktop unit. It will handle client needs from computer assembling and setup through the installation of different software including the desired operating system.

We will handle all things regarding hardware backup and maintenance. It will have a weekly inventory check which will help our staffs to sustain and retain the good conditions of all peripherals.

Another one is the updating and troubleshooting done with the installed or needed software applications. We will handle all things from start to finish while you are sitting well in your couch.

Network and Communication

Within this subject, hardware connections are the one which is being prioritized. It is composed of purely wired or wireless connections of computers or even different telephone lines such as the one used by call center companies. This will provide comprehensive objective view of the existing network infrastructure today.

The key component of a business network is a server. It is the backbone of all industry and is critical part of organizational requirement which will carry any business venture in to the world of IT and communications. Having a good and trustworthy network server will allow companies to mainly focus on their functionalities and specialties without worry.

Server setup and maintenance are also included with this service. We will calculate what server type is fitted for your kind of business. It can be a diskless or complete network setup depending on the kind of productivity you wanted to achieve.

All things will be covered and secured because we understand that your company has some confidential and critical data or content that you wanted to be safe. With our on – hand database and server security and maintenance, you will have a hassle – free network connections.

Desktop Management

Systems and Applications

Desktop Management

In here, conceptualization and implementing smart automation of office tools are provided. It can be in form of software, hardware or even with the combination of the two. HMCS Inc. will assist businesses from start to finish, and define all the requirements need to fully utilize, implement and deploy different projects.

By the collective efforts and dedications of our trusted programmers and system builders, your office’s workloads will be lessen and become more productive. We have wide array list of programming languages and hardware implementation in our pocket. Specific programmer for different types of systems will be carefully assigned to have a more satisfying working experience for both clients and our employees.

Project life span will also be studied according to the given requirement and reports will be done daily, weekly, and monthly until the production of the project. A greater kind of development environment will truly in your hands.

Multimedia and Branding

We will help you create your company foundation and identity in your specific industries. We have expertise in different types of categories like internet marketing, websites, landing pages, mobile marketing and advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, online advertising, content marketing, e-mail campaigns, print advertising and production, interactive presentations, photography, photo retouching and compositing, graphic design, illustration, logo design, branding, corporate identity, and more.

With these services, your company will standout among your competitors. We have a large set of individuals which can either assist the current branding or create a solution from scratch. Skill sets are the most important part of multimedia and branding which is our focus. That’s why we are always upgrading and having workshops for our designers and developers for a more satisfying product which our clients deserve.

Desktop Management

Security Systems

Desktop Management

Having entered the IT industry, security must be one of the main goals of any company. It will become an essential part of the business organization which will tend to protect all information circulating around the company. From a simple security using a CCTV camera up to the firewalls used throughout the network, HMCS Inc. will bring peaceful mind to any business owners.